"the serial killer whisperer"



Amanda Howard's tenth true crime book investigates the history of hangings and those who found themselves at the end of the hangman's noose.

How has hanging changed during the course of human history? Whether for criminal offences, political purposes or self inflicted, the rope has been a popular choice when disposing of people.


Read about the crimes that led to a guilty verdict and the death penalty, about those who have been wrongly hanged, those who have been hanged wrongly (badly conducted hangings) and the miraculous survival stories. Read the case studies of individuals and entire communities that have had the misfortune to find themselves at the end of the rope.


Did you know that, at times, animals were also hanged with their human masters and mistresses? Some animals were even pardoned because they were deemed to be of good character!


Author Amanda Howard has compiled a history of hanging that is enlightening, disturbing and always interesting.


HOW TO BE AN AUTHOR36 Real authors talk writing and publishing

There is nothing in the world as incredible as creating something, and getting to hear about other people enjoying it. You know that you’ve made a change in someone's life, even if it’s only in a small way. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. 

Everyone who becomes a professional author does so for different reasons. They each face different obstacles, have different goals, and choose different paths. The more authors that a new writer gets the opportunity to learn from, the greater the chance that they’ll find someone they resonate with, and that they’ll discover something that can help them in their own career. 

Some of the authors in this book are self-published; others are traditionally published. 

Some have worked with agents, and others have chosen to represent themselves. 

Some authors in this book generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties, while others have just finished their very first novel. 

Some exclusively write fiction, some non-fiction, and some write a bit of both. 

Some of them write just for the joy of writing, others for the money, and still others because they have a story that NEEDS to be told. 

If you take your writing seriously, and are keen to be the best author that you can be, then How to be an Author: 36 Real Authors Talk Writing and Publishing is the book for you.


RITUAL: A THOUSAND CUTSRitual: A thousand cuts

"There was so much blood," that was all the woman could say after fleeing the building known to everyone in Somerset as Dracula's Tower. Detectives Kate Reilly and Andrew Stephens, along with IT expert Sammy Stewart, arrived on the scene to investigate, only to find an important piece of the scene was missing.

Murder on the MindMURDER ON THE MIND

An Insight into the Minds of Serial Killers and Their Crimes

In Murder on the Mind, Amanda Howard tells the stories of history’s most depraved serial killers and, often through their own words, gives an insight into their minds and their horrific crimes. These gripping investigations focus on ten ‘types’ of serial killer, including child killers like Marc Dutroux, who tortured, raped and murdered his victims in an underground dungeon; killer couples like Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, who killed several teen girls including Karla’s own sister; and parents who kill, like Kathleen Folbigg, who smothered four of her infant children. Also profiled are shocking cases of mass child killers, poisoners, tandem killers, thrill killers, black widows, known strangers and killer kids.

 This book features the profiles and crimes of sixty serial killers from around the world and reveals their often-traumatic childhoods, along with their shocking motives and the way they later justified their killings. In many cases, these killers showed no remorse for their terrible crimes, even until the very end.

 In these incredible accounts of violence, cruelty and obsession, Murder on the Mind gives a disturbing, fascinating insight into the lives of serial murderers and the crimes they committed.

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Detective Kate Reilly runs away from her home town of Somerset to chase a killer who has elluded her for a decade. Travelling to London she teams up with her former partner, Stewart Mitchum to capture to the Thames Killer.




Serial killers, Mass Murder, Child Abductions, Unsolved Crimes, strange cases and ghost stories.  

Read about the cases that shocked a country.  From Anita Cobby's brutal murder, to the mysterious disappearance of the Beaumont children, Amanda Howard digs into the history of crime in Australia