"the serial killer whisperer"

Amanda Howard

About the Author

Amanda Howard is a true crime author, fiction writer and serial killer expert. Her writing experience is based on university studies in criminology and psychology, as well having written ten books on a wide range of true crime cases as well as several fiction books.

She has interviewed some of the world's most heinous serial killers over two decades and have collected a vast pool of information on various types of killers, their motives and rituals.

Amanda has appeared in many critically acclaimed international documentaries regarding famous serial killers, including Jack the Ripper, Ivan Milat: The Backpacker Killer, David Birnie as well as acted as a criminal consultant on many more. She authored many journal articles on serial killers as well as been a guest on crime shows on radio, online, television and in print. Amanda has worked as a consultant for many current affairs and news programs in Australia regarding vicious crimes, juvenile murderers, serial killers and sex offenders.
Following on from her successful career as a non-fiction author, she has coupled her knowledge of serial killers with a love of ancient history to develop a series of novels following the life of a police detective who is an international expert on ritual crimes and ancient societies. She has also written a number of short stories and novellas and is currently working towards her Masters in Writing.


Rope: A History of the Hanged
Ritual: Shrouded Echoes
How to be An Author
Killer Australia: Death and Destruction Down Under

Ritual: A Thousand Cuts
Murder on the Mind

Ritual: The Elements of Murder
A Killer in the Family
Charlotte's One of a Kind Cakes
Writer's Block
The Cicadas Roar
Ritual: The Blood of Many

Serial Killers and Philosophy

Innocence Lost

The Lottery Kidnapping
Million Dollar Art Theft
Terror in the Skies

River of Blood: Serial Killers and their Victims