"the serial killer whisperer"

Kate Reilly Crime Series

"Another amazing novel from Amanda Howard. This is the second in the 'Ritual' series, where we again find Detective Kate Reilly on the hunt for another sadistic serial killer.

A year on from the Aztec Killer case, we find Detective Reilly searching for the Elements killer. A man who calls upon the elements of fire, water, air and earth to fulfil his brutal murders. But this isn't the only killer that is tormenting Kate. Were her parents murdered? The emailer certainly believes so.

This book continues from book one, so I won't say too much as I don't want to spoil what happened in the last book. But Kate is once again in for a tumultuous ride, both in her professional and personal life.

This book is, once again, extremely well written. It keeps you turning the pages to the very end. Desperate to know what happens. It is impossible to put down. Amanda Howard weaves a story so spell binding you will be desperate for the third instalment - I am! I can't wait for it to be released. Hurry up Ms Howard!"

Short Stories and Novellas

"Another thrilling read by Amanda Howard!
Looking forward to more books/novellas like this one! From one of your biggest fans"
"For a debut novella this is more than fantastic! I read it in one go. I loved it. I wish it was longer - purely because it was so good I didn't want it to end. When 2 little boy go to where they shouldn't go, the consequences may be devastating!"

True Crime Books

This book is a much-needed inquiry into the nature and ontology of serial killers - what they are (and aren't), their variety, complexity, and why they hold such fascination in the popular imagination. Like grisly roadside accidents, mass disasters, or atrocities, serial killers raise a sense of wonder in us. How are such things - or such people - possible? By exploring that question with wisdom and careful consideration the essays in this book provide timely and up-to-date reflections on such matters as serial killers':

* thinking
* culpability
* motivations
* "philosophy"
* moral evil (and potential for moral goodness)
* degree to which they are normal (or abnormal)
* emotions (or lack thereof)
* allure

Also included are a timeline of noteworthy serial killers through the ages and an afterword from the Victims' Network.


Rope: A History of the Hanged
Ritual: Shrouded Echoes
How to be An Author
Killer Australia: Death and Destruction Down Under

Ritual: A Thousand Cuts
Murder on the Mind

Ritual: The Elements of Murder
A Killer in the Family
Charlotte's One of a Kind Cakes
Writer's Block
The Cicadas Roar
Ritual: The Blood of Many

Serial Killers and Philosophy

Innocence Lost

The Lottery Kidnapping
Million Dollar Art Theft
Terror in the Skies

River of Blood: Serial Killers and their Victims