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Kate Reilly Ritual Series

Ritual: The Blood of Many  Ritual: The Elements of Murder RITUAL 3

Meet Kate Reilly, she is a detective with Somerset Police Violent Crimes Department and an international anthropology consultant with a degree in ritual and human sacrifice.

Her partner is Detective Andrew Stephens, a mountain of a man with a love of latte coffee. Actually addiction is a better description.

They are joined at Somerset Police Department by Sammy Stewart, the young computer whiz who likes to play games with criminals and Jane Fowler, the Chief.

At Somerset's Forensic Sciences/Pathology Building is Doctor Roger Staples, a polite English gentleman who has joined the team in Somerset from his native London.  His Office Manager, Rita keeps him on a tight leash. She makes sure the dedicated doctor eats and takes breaks between autopsies and investigations.

The team work together in Somerset. A city that was once a small town. Kate Reilly left it at the age of thirteen. A young girl who hated her parents and the nomadic life that had forced upon her for almost decade.  Their deaths while she was abroad brought her back to Somerset. What she believed was just an unfortunate event appears to be something more sinister.

The first book in the series is Ritual: The Blood of Many where Reilly and Stephens face a brutal killer who is abducting young men off the streets of Somerset.

Ritual: The Elements of Murder has Reilly up against a copycat serial killer, but is that the only killer she must pursue? She is joined by Federal Agent Foncee who is a consultant on a series of murders that had occured almost two decades earlier.

Ritual: A Thousand Cuts was released in August 2015 and follows on from the second book. A stranger walks into a pscyhiatrist's office to tell him a story about the last twelve months of his life as Reilly searches for the killer who leaves a lot of blood and little else.

Coming in 2016 Ritual: Shrouded Echoes Kate Reilly runs away from Somerset and returns to the one murder she left unsolved in London. 


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